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At Ramirez Enriquez PLLC, we know the stakes of your property insurance claim. Whether the claim is for your home, your condimuinium association or your business, we know how important it is to get your property fixed completely and promptly. We have dedicated our careers to developing the legal strategies, resources and best practices to resolve our Clients’ insurance claims.

Empowering Florida Homeowners in Their Pursuit of Justice

Our commitment to excellence is bolstered by our experience in the Courtroom. We have won multiple verdicts in property damage jury trials. We leverage our reputation to get prompt resolutions for our clients. We know what strategies work and the harness the latest legal technologies and methodologies to present your case compellingly, to seek the justice you deserve.



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If you or someone you know has faced property damage in Florida and encountered challenges with insurance claims, Ramirez Enriquez PLLC is here to help. Our seasoned attorneys are committed to ensuring homeowners get the justice they deserve.

With multifamily and commercial claims often involving multiple stakeholders and intricate policy details, our team excels in navigating these complexities, ensuring all parties receive fair compensation.

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Our seasoned team has vast experience in handling intricate claims involving multifamily associations and commercial properties, understanding the unique challenges and intricacies they present.

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Floridas weather can be unpredictable. Whether it's damage from a hurricane, a severe storm, or strong winds, we fight for your right to fair compensation. Learn more about how we can help.

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The aftermath of a fire can be devastating. We ensure that you are compensated adequately to rebuild and recover. Our team of experienced attorney is equipped to help you seek the justice you deserve

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Whether a stopped drain line, leaking supply lines to air conditioning leaks, we tackle insurance companies head-on to get you the compensation you deserve for water-related damages.

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Acts of vandalism can leave homeowners feeling violated. We work diligently to ensure you are compensated for all repairs and associated costs. Our team of attorneys have the knowledge needed to help

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If you are facing challenges with a multifamily or commercial property damage claim in Florida, let the unparalleled expertise of Ramirez Enriquez PLLC guide you. Contact us for a comprehensive consultation, and lets embark on the journey to justice together.

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Property damage can be a daunting challenge, especially when it involves multifamily or commercial properties. Ramirez Enriquez PLLC stands as Floridas premier property damage attorneys, specializing in multifamily associations and commercial claims. With a track record of securing high settlements for large claims, we are the go-to experts for property owners and managers across the state.

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